Air Race Results

YearLocationPilotAircraft NameNumber
Datesort iconLocationPilotAircraftNo.RaceSpeedPlaceLapsNotes
Sep 13 1977RenoCliff CumminsMiss CandaceRace 69Unlimited Qualifying397.30 mph31
Sep 13 1977RenoJimmy LeewardMiss FloridaRace 9Unlimited Qualifying360.37 mph101
Sep 16 1977RenoCliff CumminsMiss CandaceRace 69Unlimited Heat 1-A389.51 mph14
Sep 16 1977RenoJimmy LeewardMiss FloridaRace 69Unlimited Heat 1-B346.39 mph44
Sep 17 1977RenoJimmy LeewardMiss FloridaRace 69Unlimited Consolation380.62 mph16
Sep 18 1977RenoCliff CumminsMiss CandaceRace 69Unlimited Championship424.36 mph38
Sep 12 1978RenoCliff CumminsMiss CandaceRace 69Unlimited Qualifying400.67 mph21
Sep 12 1978RenoJimmy LeewardCloud DancerRace 9Unlimited Qualifying364.67 mph111
Sep 15 1978RenoCliff CumminsMiss CandaceRace 69Unlimited Heat 20.00 mph994DNF Lap3, blown aftercooler hose. Running in second place.
Sep 15 1978RenoJimmy LeewardCloud DancerRace 9Unlimited Heat 2325.09 mph64
Sep 16 1978RenoJimmy LeewardCloud DancerRace 9Unlimited Consolation0.00 mph996Disqualified for crossing deadline, laps 5 and 6.
Sep 11 1979RenoMac McClainJeannieRace 69Unlimited Qualifying446.93 mph11New qualifying record. Formerly "Miss Candace."
Sep 11 1979RenoJimmy LeewardCloud DancerRace 9Unlimited Qualifying375.69 mph101
Sep 14 1979RenoMac McClainJeannieRace 69Unlimited Gold Heat 1413.80 mph16
Sep 14 1979RenoJimmy LeewardCloud DancerRace 9Unlimited Silver Heat 10.00 mph996DNF Lap 5, engine.
Sep 15 1979RenoMac McClainJeannieRace 69Unlimited Gold Heat 20.00 mph996DNF Lap 1, engine. Leading race.
Sep 15 1979RenoJimmy LeewardCloud DancerRace 9Unlimited Bronze Heat 20.00 mph996DNF Lap 6, pulled out just prior to finish.
Sep 16 1979RenoMac McClainJeannieRace 69Unlimited Gold0.00 mph9910DNF start. Engine.
Sep 16 1979RenoJimmy LeewardCloud DancerRace 9Unlimited Bronze342.84 mph18
Sep 10 1980RenoMac McClainJeannieRace 69Unlimited Qualifying396.35 mph61